Why the window does not open

The tall window at the rear of Jadin’s bedroom opens — but only part way. As the casement swings, it hits the underside of the roof and is blocked by the fascia. Bottom line: The window is too tall, or the roof is too low.

Waaaaaaaaaay back when this window was first installed and tested, Ron and Steven noted the obstruction. They met with Brett the architect to work out approaches that would allow the window to open completely. They settled on raising the roof over this window — or, less destructively, cutting open the roof from the underside, and cutting away a section of fascia about 2 feet wide. Then Ron took medical leave.

1-dsc_3714Today, Odell and Steven walked the site with Cris and Kevin. We elected to open the roof from the underside, cut away the section of fascia, box the underside of the roof.

1-dsc_3716With that done, the painters must now caulk the holes in the framing, prime and paint everything — after the gutter team cuts away about two feet of gutter, installs a new downspout to the left of the window, and erects a diverter that tucks under the shingles to push water into what will be two gutters, one on each side of the window.


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