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The killing owl

Sunday afternoon. Out the window, Steven spots the owl that lives in the owlhouse a previous owner nailed to an oak at the side of the house. The owl is sitting atop the neighbor’s fence, claws tight to a kill.



Is Freddy the owl back?

Way back when we first started this little adventure, there was an owl living in the owl house attached to an oak tree adjacent to the kitchen.

Jadin named it Freddy.

Today, we spotted an owl ensconced at the edge of one of the exhaust ducts on the second floor above the kitchen and master bedroom. The ducts are still open; they have not yet been capped.

Ron said he would research how to encourage the owl to leave what we hope is not a nest, without harming the owl. He also plans to remove and replace the duct, on the presumption that the owl does what all living organisms do — purge waste.

The adventure continues …

Jadin and Freddy

Jadin meets Freddy at the front door.
Jadin meets Freddy at the front door.

With all the demo, Freddy the owl elected to move from his owl house to the front door, where it is quieter.

But … Ron Dahlke from Ranserve thinks Freddy is an owlet too young to fly, who damaged a wing leaping from the owl house. Ron plans to call Animal Control, because owls are protected.

Close up of Freddy, eyes opening.
Close up of Freddy, eyes opening.

Meet Freddy

freddyJadin looked up one day into the grove of trees off the kitchen deck and spotted an owl in an owl house built, we suspect, by a prior owner.

Everything has to have a name in Jadin’s world.

The owl is now called Freddy.

Freddy supervised today when Miguel and Luis from Davey Tree were setting up to trim the oaks at the driveway to create dumpster clearance.