Polishing off the upstairs hall bath

It’s been a while since the last post. Jacquela and Steven have tackled small jobs all over the house.

Today, Alpha Glass installed the wall mirror in the upstairs hall bath — one of the last “big” interior jobs.

For the test fitting, Rudi, right, proves that the glass will be level when installed.
This is one of the screws that holds the J channel to the wall. The mirror sits inside the curve of the chrome channel. Each screw has to be drilled into a stud behind the drywall. Steven pulled out his stud finder to help locate the studs — after first printing out photos of the wall under construction, before the drywall went up and after the plumbing and electrical were installed.
Hector squeezed out donuts of black mastic onto the wall. The mirror will be pressed into the mastic, holding it to the wall. The black mastic remains somewhat flexible over time; Rudy says there is a brown mastic that takes a week to cure into something as hard as stone.
Nearly finished. Rudy, right, sprayed glass cleaner and wiped down the new mirror. Hector, left, begins cleaning up the tools.