The oven frustrates Jacquela

Jacquela is standing at the Bosch Benchmark oven in the kitchen, angry, short-tempered, pushing buttons on the keypad. The oven responds with unhappy beeps and refuses to comply with commands.

Steven calls Bosch tech support. They instruct: “turn off power at the breaker for 30 minutes; that usually solves everything.”

Steven goes upstairs to the electrical panel and flips to the off position the breaker that the electricians labeled for the oven.

The oven still has power. The control panel is still lit up. The light inside the oven still switches on when you open the door.


Steven calls Kristin at Harway. She will contact her office in the morning to arrange for a service call.

Steven calls Mark at Ranserve to alert him there is an electrical problem — “the breaker to the oven is not functioning.” Mark contacts Capstone Electric. Scott Breen calls Steven to ask for details. Steven sends pix. Scott arranges to dispatch Steve the electrician.

Steven speaks with Karen at K&N, the service company authorized by Harway and Bosch. A tech is scheduled for 5 July.


Punch list: Plumbing

Barry, Nick and Blake from Custom Plumbing are at Emerald Hill to tackle the plumbing punch list.

The hot and cold water at the shower heads in the mudroom, upstairs hall and master bath were reversed. This appears to now be fixed. Nick and Blake conclude that quality control did not actually test the plumbing for errors.

Water pressure to the wand shower head in the master bath, nearly non-existent, appears to be fixed.

The drains in the master sink are now centered.

The pot filler above the kitchen cooktop appears to be as close to level as Barry can make it, since the wall is not perfectly plumb; it will always appear to be slightly askew.

The drain line to the downstairs tankless water heater is adjusted to spill less water into the emergency drain pan under the unit; Nick and Blake did not have a supply of pex tubing to adjust the drain line under the upstairs tankless heater and will have to return.

First visit with the vet


Adobe today met Taylor Marchman, veterinarian at Westlake Animal Hospital — the doctor who cared for Reboot for more than a decade. There is no one that Jacquela, Jadin and Steven trust more with Adobe than Taylor. Period.

Steven and Dr. Marchman discovered that Adobe appears to have a skin parasite she contracted while at Austin Pets Alive — coccidia — “very common,” says Dr. Marchman. We are spared the diarrhea, so far, fortunately, but Adobe’s skin appears to be molting in several areas. We are instructed to use a medicated shampoo and feed 1.25 millileters of Albon liquid via oral syringe.

Other than that, Adobe is healthy, growing, up to date on all her shots, protected against fleas and ticks, cleared to go outside, able to meet people. In a week, after the meds go to work on the parasite, Adobe will be able to socialize with other dogs.

The best indicator of health? Adobe now weighs 6.3 pounds. She weighed 3.38 pounds when we adopted her.

While we waited for Dr. Marchman, Steven and Adobe took a selfie.
While we waited for Dr. Marchman, Steven and Adobe took a selfie.

Adobe moves in

DSC_1954Jadin is at camp. We moved Adobe’s crate into Steven’s office, because Steven needs company and supervising. Blue plastic tarp to protect the wood floor from accidents. Metal gates to keep puppy away from wood floors beyond the office and computer cables in the office. And favorite toys at the ready for teething — Dino, Piggy, Rope, and two pliable rubber things that have not yet been named.


Fawning time

DSC_1915A doe apparently considers our back yard safe enough to leave her fawn for a time each day. We’ve seen the doe early in the morning, and left the fawn alone, hoping to get a clear photo. Today … success.


The fawn is not yet fully afraid of humans. It comes within five feet of the back door.