Week ending 15 Jan. 2015

Ron Dahlke files this week’s summary report:

This week:

  • Set vanity countertops
  • Complete engineer-required framing corrections
  • Complete install on all available light fixtures
  • Set new outside electric panel
  • Set metal brackets on island
  • Started finish on replacement tread
  • Started install on glass doors
  • Started repair on drywall cracks
  • Set all toilets and faucets
  • Set condenser and AC grilles
  • Finish interior trim

Next week:

  • Install front door
  • Finish electrical install
  • Call in for electrical inspection
  • Turn on power to house
  • Install remaining drywall in garage
  • Pour cement into new pavers
  • Install kitchen island countertop
  • Install tankless hot water heaters
  • Start prep on paint of garage


  • Remove bird of prey from exhaust vent

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