Week ending 10 July 2015

This week’s report filed by Mark Rehberg, president of Ranserve.

This week:

  • Pick up No. 2 by Habitat
  • Site visit from Ben Feldt to discuss progress, bolt spacing and need for a new beam in foyer location.
  • Lined up demo and concrete pour in the front, scheduled to start Thursday 7/16/15.
  • Framed window openings on the second floor.

Next week:

  • Initial inspection by Miki Cook with Austin Energy Green Building.
  • Continue framing
  • Demo/concrete pour at front entrance
  • Finalize BMC door and trim package
  • Walk through with plumber and HVAC to review/discuss layout
  • Start rough in of HVAC system
  • Pick up No. 3 by Habitat