Counting down to ignition

Ron and the electricians are working toward the inspection that allows us to turn on power inside Emerald Hill.

Steven and Steve the electrician walked the house today, talking through electrical questions, fixtures, the track lighting fittings that are not correct; the niche lighting in the entry hall that Steven has to think twice about; the exterior lights with motion sensors that Steven has to purchase for the kitchen door, back door and new garage bay; the stair lights that have to be cut into drywall and mounted …

Above, working at the back of the garage, where the power cable from the pole will connect to the house, Steve slices the shielding away from the master cable that will supply power to electrical panel in the upstairs electrical closet.

Steve’s team of electricians climbed all over and through the house today.

Labeling the electrical panel.
Labeling the electrical panel.

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