Concrete driveway ballet

The first concrete mixer is scheduled for noon. The team from Gilsa arrives at 8 am to prepare.

Digging out and forming up for the two pavers that will extend the front walk to the street — after removing the old pebbled concrete fan from another era.
The roadbase in front of the garage doors is trenched for emplacement of conduit and pull lines — planning ahead to ensure we have the ability to pull electrical cable under the new driveway slab from the electrical box at the back of the garage.
At the back corner of the garage, two conduit runs travel to the front of the garage, and one travels across the roadbed to what will be the opposite side of the new driveway. Mauricio from Gilsa, left, supervises.
The two conduit runs emplaced in the trench across the garage doors.
Gilsa ran this pull cord through the conduit runs.
One of the things we learned trying to pull electrical cable through conduit is to use larger-radius turns in the conduit. Stiff electrical wire does not turn tight 90-degree angles.
The first mixer is backed up as far as the oak trees will permit.
Spraying the discharge chute at the back of the mixer to ensure the cement does not bind to the chute.
This toad came to inspect the job site.
The first load of concrete travels down the discharge chute into the maw of the Bobcat.
The Bobcat dumps the first load of concrete.
And the ballet begins. Flinging concrete at the form for the curb at the top of the driveway.
Leveling the new concrete to grade.
Pounding rebar into the garage slab to join the slab to the new driveway.
Porting the steel mesh into place that will reinforce the concrete.
The ballet continues, with float and shovel.
At the head of the driveway, near the street, this is the cleanout to the main waste line that connects the house to the sewer system at the street. Very important to protect.
The ballet continues.
Pounding a stake into place to brace a form.
A long view down the driveway, with the shape of the ribbons beginning to emerge — while carrying a lumber form into position.
Pouring concrete into the forms for the extension of the front walk.
Alejandro signs the delivery receipt for the second cement mixer.
Finishing one of the pads in front of the two-car garage.
The front walk, extended to the street from the front of the house.
Looking down the driveway toward the street, with both concrete ribbons nearly complete.
At the back of the garage, the missing slab is formed, with the conduit for the sprinkler control line embedded — one more punch-list item taken off the to-do list.
And done. The view from the street, looking toward the top of the driveway.

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