Window, repaired

Monday this week, Ron Dahlke and the framers discovered that the frame of one of the front windows bowed inward. In photo above, it is the second window from right — the first of the three smaller vertical windows that transfer light into the entry hall.

Ron called Sean Miller at Martel Windows & Doors. Sean today dispatched Landon Price, operations manager. Sean reports:

Landon de-glazed the window (removed the glass), straightened the frame, and reinstalled the glass.  The glass in most windows is held in to place by 3M glazing tape, basically heavy duty double sided tape.  Sometimes in the factory when they set the glass they do not have the frame straighten and the glazing tape and glass hold that un-straight edge.  All we did was set it straight.  No special care is needed, warranty is not affected.  Landon is factory trained and does this sort of thing for a myriad of different reasons on a daily basis.

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