Week ending 11 Dec. 2015

Ron Dahlke files this week’s summary:

This week:

  • City of Austin approval on layout and electrical inspection
  • Poured garage slab
  • Reviewed framing with engineer
  • Prep and prime trim and doors
  • Continue on install of Jadin’s shower walls
  • Habitat picked up items
  • Start paver install
  • Start finished ends and scribes on cabinets
  • Confirmed glass is in for baths and showers
  • Verified all light fixtures are ready for pick up
  • Scheduled back splash tile install for week of 12-28

Next week:

  • Finish paint of trim and doors
  • Start wall paint
  • Order frame package for garage
  • Demo on old garage wall
  • Start framing garage
  • Finish Jadin’s shower wall

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