Notes, 15-16 July 2015

  • Draw 1 update. After weeks of delay, it looks like the wire transfer payment to Ranserve will take place 17 July, paid by the Leons from funds on deposit for this purpose at South Star Bank SSB — but only after a wire transfer of additional funds by the Leons into the account at South Star, as demanded requested by South Star. For months, Steven has made clear that the Leons are responsible for and will pay the difference between the contract price of the remodel, the funds on deposit at the bank, and the loan amount approved by the bank. South Star finally caught up with the math. Now that the payment gears are turning, we move on with getting the house remodeled, finished, and the Leons moved into it.
  • Draw 2. The irony is, Kathleen at Ranserve reports that the second draw paperwork is forthcoming, probably 17 July.
  • Medicine cabinets. The medicine cabinets with integrated LED lighting arrived via FedEx ground from Lighted Image. The LED-7 model — two for bath 2, Jadin’s bath, and one for the mudroom bath. The LED-12 model — two for the master bath.
  • Countertops. Steven and Jacquela approved the addition to the countertop quote from Austin Stone Works of a quartz backsplash at the kitchen sink to match the quartz countertop, and quartz shelving for use in the master bath in the shower and behind the vanity. Kathleen at Ranserve warns us that we have now busted the countertop budget by $8.68, plus some amount in “overhead & profit” to Ranserve for processing this change. Every dollar counts …