Notes, 13 Jan. 2016

A rare day when Steven did not make it to Emerald Hill.

Instead, he pulled an “all-nighter” and “all-dayer” recovering his desktop computer from the Windows “Blue Screen of Death.”

This blog post is produced on the recovered machine, so let’s consider that progress. There’s a long road to still travel.

Steven did take a break today to order the glass doors for the fireplace; to talk with Mark Rehberg about how to sign off on the concrete that Ranserve has to pour at the front and side walks when the change-order software is not working — we agreed to work from a note or other document that allows us to circle back to proper procedure when the software is running again; took delivery from Amazon of the Ring door chime for the front door; and purchased a lottery ticket, just because $1.5 billion is so *&^% compelling.

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