Exterior paint plan

We are tasked by Ranserve with selecting exterior colors. Mark and Ron want to start painting the brick and new Hardieboard siding by end of week.

Jacquela and Steven have been talking about deep, rich, cool greys for months. Jadin searched the web for photos of houses where she liked the colors.

We visited Sherwin Williams while Kenny from Custom Plumbing worked on the water heater that blew out. The color chips and brochures in the store were, politely, frustrating. We came home to prowl Houzz and photos we had archived.

Three hours later we came to this decision.

  • Cyberspace, Sherwin Williams 7076, for the brick and siding — the body of the house.
  • Snowbound, SW 7004, for the trim.
  • Positive Red, SW 6871, for the front door. Punch that entry to make a bold statement. Although Jacquela thinks it may be too pink, not red enough. She’s going to purchase samples.
  • Naval, SW 6244, a candidate for the garage doors.
  • Wall Street, SW 7665, backup/alternate candidate for the garage doors — or the body of the house if Cyberspace proves too dark.
  • With a wood stain for the cedar siding accent that we plan for the front porch, something that looks like this photo pulled from Houzz by Jacquela.
    Balodemas Architects, via Houzz.


Choosing the appliances was painless. Picking out colors for the house is dangerous.

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