Almost time for kitchen cabinets

Aaron Pratt from Central Texas Custom Cabinets today delivered the base platforms for the kitchen cabinets, putting them on the floor in roughly the positions that cabinets will be installed.

The microwave and oven will go into the kitchen atop the platform at far right of photo. The cooktop, sink and dishwasher will go atop the platform at far left. The island will be located above the platforms in the middle of the photo. At the back of the photo, leaning up against the wall, is the platform for the cabinet where we will store plates, glasses and cutlery. The L-shaped platform is the base for pantry and storage cabinets.

Steven observes: We spent June, July, August, September and the first couple of days in October taking crap out of Emerald Hill. This delivery today shifts perspective — we’re starting to bring the kitchen to life, the heart of the house. Emerald Hill has a pulse, growing stronger.

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