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Bling me

Last night, Jacquela and Steven attended the “Champions Dinner” hosted by the Austin chapter of the American Diabetes Association. We were invited to thank us for raising more than $1,000 to help research to find a cure for diabetes. Jacquela is type 1. Steven pedaled 48 miles in the Tour de Cure.

Steven got one medal — “25” — for riding in the Tour. The second medal goes to Champions, for raising more than $1,000.

48 miles later

1-dsc_3539Photo above shot by Jacquela Leon.

For my wife, Jacquela Leon, type 1, for Tim Bajarin, type 2, for the Singhs, the Teltows, Susan Schreiner, Dan Rosenbaum, and my brother Bob, sister-in-law Karen, Brody and Harley — thank you for powering this ride to the finish line in the Tour de Cure to stop diabetes.

And just as I crossed the finish line, my cousin Ellen Chodorow took me over another finish line — raising $1,000 to stop diabetes. There are not words enough to say thank you.

Steven rode 48 miles after training for months with Team Schwab — special thanks to Jim and Jason.

Here’s the route:



The official photo, shot by the official photographer, of Steven crossing the finish line.

Gearing up for Tour de Cure

Steven got his jersey today for the Tour de Cure, which takes place Sunday, 18 September.

He rides to raise money to stop diabetes. He rides for Jacquela, his wife, a Type 1 diabetic. He rides with Team Schwab, where Jacquela works. Jason and Jim have been teaching Steven to ride long distances. Steven is biking 48 miles.

It’s the 25th anniversary Tour.

Thank you to Avni, Arati, Annika and Ranjiv, Salina, Gunnar, Liam and Luca, Susan, and Bob, Karen, Brody and Harley, and everyone who donates to find a cure.