T minus 4 days

Still boxing at Sea Eagle. Still.

Steven installed a switch to the network at Emerald Hill, cabled up Internet to three outlets in the office. “The clock is operating.”

Steven also began to assemble the pipe fittings that will become the hanging rails in the master closet. Pix to come.

Odell and Team Ranserve finished scraping up the old, filthy, red, linoleum tile off the garage floor. Next he has to figure out how to remove the glue. Steven asked for an acid wash when we started this job.

Odell continues to work through the punch list.

Odell reports that the Fire Department granted final approval of that part of the inspections required by the City of Austin — the final hurdle for the inspection required for the Certificate of Occupancy.

Victor plans to start — tomorrow — taking down the dirt piled in the driveway for use in landscaping around the trees in the front yard.

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