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How to not cut structure when remodeling a bath, continued …

DSC_9958With insulation removed it’s now possible to see just how badly the structure was cut when the upstairs bathrooms were remodeled sometime during the life of this house.

At left, the blocking was turned sideways and cut to shreds. At right, the blocking was cut by half. In the middle, the blocking is, well, holed beyond integrity. And the ceiling beams are compromised.

Building code today prohibits this.

Steven is thinking that taking the house down to stud is a smart decision.


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CPI: Plumbing fixtures

CPI is not the Consumer Price Index.

When it comes to remodeling, CPI is the acronym for Critical Path Items — the decisions that must be made or everything else cascades to failure and delay.

Today’s assignment from Ranserve is to finalize the plumbing fixtures — toilets, showers, shower heads, sinks, drains, faucets, etc.

Steven met today with Jonell Speak at Ferguson to go over every item in four pages of fixtures previously selected during three meetings in person with Jonell and Jacquela, and countless email messages with Jonell and her assistant Herb.

Ranserve, the plumber and Jacquela are now triple-checking all that work.

Jonell would not allow Steven to photograph her to document the two-hour meeting. She did allow this shot of her desk.


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