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Everything is a chew toy

For Black Friday, Jacquela and Steven bought Adobe a new pillow, sized to fit inside her crate.

She slept on it one night.

The next afternoon, she delivered this editorial:


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Graduating to the dog station at the end of the cabinets

We designed one run of cabinets in the kitchen to end with a shelf for the dog bowls. This was intended for Reboot. She never got to use it.

Adobe is now 25 pounds and tall enough to reach. The water and food bowls come up off the floor. She took to it instantly.

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Bath time for Adobe

Jadin is giving Adobe a bath. Adobe barks in protest. For 30 minutes.



DSC_2668 DSC_2669 DSC_2674

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First visit with the vet


Adobe today met Taylor Marchman, veterinarian at Westlake Animal Hospital — the doctor who cared for Reboot for more than a decade. There is no one that Jacquela, Jadin and Steven trust more with Adobe than Taylor. Period.

Steven and Dr. Marchman discovered that Adobe appears to have a skin parasite she contracted while at Austin Pets Alive — coccidia — “very common,” says Dr. Marchman. We are spared the diarrhea, so far, fortunately, but Adobe’s skin appears to be molting in several areas. We are instructed to use a medicated shampoo and feed 1.25 millileters of Albon liquid via oral syringe.

Other than that, Adobe is healthy, growing, up to date on all her shots, protected against fleas and ticks, cleared to go outside, able to meet people. In a week, after the meds go to work on the parasite, Adobe will be able to socialize with other dogs.

The best indicator of health? Adobe now weighs 6.3 pounds. She weighed 3.38 pounds when we adopted her.

While we waited for Dr. Marchman, Steven and Adobe took a selfie.
While we waited for Dr. Marchman, Steven and Adobe took a selfie.
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Adobe moves in

DSC_1954Jadin is at camp. We moved Adobe’s crate into Steven’s office, because Steven needs company and supervising. Blue plastic tarp to protect the wood floor from accidents. Metal gates to keep puppy away from wood floors beyond the office and computer cables in the office. And favorite toys at the ready for teething — Dino, Piggy, Rope, and two pliable rubber things that have not yet been named.


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The puppy gets all the girls

DSC_1947It’s day 2 with Adobe.

Jadin’s friends Sofia and Molly came to visit the new addition to our family.

The three girls have been friends since kindergarten. Special.

Jadin, Adobe and Sofia before Molly arrived.
Jadin, Adobe and Sofia before Molly arrived.
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Meet Adobe

We have a new addition to the family. Adobe. A lab/retriever mix. Chocolate color. Two months old. Less than 12 inches long nose to tail. Adopted from Austin Pets Alive.


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