There is a four-foot wide gap between the storage cabinets at one of the island and the shelf that supports the other end. In between, Jacquela and Steven plan open seating on stools. To bridge the gap, we need steel braces to help support the quartz countertop. The braces must be inset into the cabinets, which requires routing out slots in the cabinet frames that are about 3/8ths inch deep. Efrem arrived with 12-inch brackets that are normally used to support overhangs — but Steven and Ron specced long, strong and heavy brackets that bridge the gap. Ron called Austin Stone Works to confirm these are what is needed. ASW called the quartz maker, which confirmed that we need the long brackets. As a result, Efrem and team will slide the island countertop into place, temporarily, to return when the longer brackets are delivered for installation.

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