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Fawning time

DSC_1915A doe apparently considers our back yard safe enough to leave her fawn for a time each day. We’ve seen the doe early in the morning, and left the fawn alone, hoping to get a clear photo. Today … success.


The fawn is not yet fully afraid of humans. It comes within five feet of the back door.

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32 miles

32milesThe rain stopped. Steven went for his longest bike ride yet. 32 miles, which includes riding past a turn and then turning back. 2.5 hours. Experimenting with gears to pedal faster with less resistance, pushing his heart rate and cadence higher.

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Defunct. Demised. Replaced.

DSC_1888-001Jacquela drowned her Galaxy 4. It was an accident.

It did not awaken from the dead after 24 hours of dessicating rice.

Her new phone arrived today — a OnePlus 2. Along with all the accessories — screen protector, cables, charger, wallet case. And a nano SIM from T-Mobile.

She has dial tone again.

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Stared down by deer

It’s fawning season in Northwest Austin. The deer are hungry, walking the streets and yards during the day — not just in the early morning, not just in the evening.

This five-foot tall specimen walked around the house, into the back yard, started eating, and stared at Steven for several minutes.

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Can’t pix this

Steven’s desktop computer stopped reading the memory card in Steven’s camera — whether the card was inserted into the card reader or cabled to a USB port.

Which explains part of why there have been no new postings.

Over the weekend, Steven removed drivers, re-installed drivers, removed drivers, installed new drivers, opened the case to check all cables, dived deep into Windows 10 settings.

No joy.

Today, Amazon delivered the new USB/SATA drive card, and the new external drive reader that comes complete with three USB 3.0 ports. Fifteen minutes of surgery later, everything is installed, the power light is on, the ports are working.

And Steven can go back to blogging …

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