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Stared down by deer

It’s fawning season in Northwest Austin. The deer are hungry, walking the streets and yards during the day — not just in the early morning, not just in the evening.

This five-foot tall specimen walked around the house, into the back yard, started eating, and stared at Steven for several minutes.

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We went to the Renaissance Faire, and all the kilts were there …

Jacquela and her friend and coworker Bridget have a thing for Renaissance Faires.

Off we went in the horse-drawn cart from the 21st Century, traveling the time tunnel of asphalt and concrete roads to south of Dallas.

DSC_1869Steven wore his kilt, showing off the legs he is sculpting with longer bike rides.

Jacquela was fetching.

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Can’t pix this

Steven’s desktop computer stopped reading the memory card in Steven’s camera — whether the card was inserted into the card reader or cabled to a USB port.

Which explains part of why there have been no new postings.

Over the weekend, Steven removed drivers, re-installed drivers, removed drivers, installed new drivers, opened the case to check all cables, dived deep into Windows 10 settings.

No joy.

Today, Amazon delivered the new USB/SATA drive card, and the new external drive reader that comes complete with three USB 3.0 ports. Fifteen minutes of surgery later, everything is installed, the power light is on, the ports are working.

And Steven can go back to blogging …

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Post card arrived in today’s mail. The future looms again for Jacquela and Steven.

Post card offers driver’s ed to Jadin.

It’s a little early. She’s only 14.x. But …

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747 upper deck — once in a lifetime

UA¬†862 Hong Kong to San Francisco, a double-decker 747, soon to be retired by United Airlines. Steven has flown something more than 1 million miles lifetime since his first flight as a teen. But this is a first — riding upstairs to the US from Asia.

No one opened a window shade to watch the world spin past. 14 hours locked away in a closet. Shame.

Looking forward to the flight deck at the end of the upper cabin.
Looking forward to the flight deck at the end of the upper cabin.
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IFA 2016 GPC, day 2

The IFA GPC shifted to Shenzhen, China, leaving Hong Kong.

Here’s the photo essay:

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