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Birthday boy

Jacquela wants Steven to ride more. So, for his birthday, she gifted him this computer — mapping, route guides, heartbeat monitoring, cadence monitoring, and a lot more.

Personal observation — I am the oldest living male Leon. The generations before me are gone. The generation behind me is beginning to marry, or, in the case of Jadin, the youngest of her generation, navigating through high school. It is odd to be this old, to be not that old, to be me. Give me a sunny day and a bicycle to pedal. Namaste.

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Fawning time

DSC_1915A doe apparently considers our back yard safe enough to leave her fawn for a time each day. We’ve seen the doe early in the morning, and left the fawn alone, hoping to get a clear photo. Today … success.


The fawn is not yet fully afraid of humans. It comes within five feet of the back door.

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32 miles

32milesThe rain stopped. Steven went for his longest bike ride yet. 32 miles, which includes riding past a turn and then turning back. 2.5 hours. Experimenting with gears to pedal faster with less resistance, pushing his heart rate and cadence higher.

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Defunct. Demised. Replaced.

DSC_1888-001Jacquela drowned her Galaxy 4. It was an accident.

It did not awaken from the dead after 24 hours of dessicating rice.

Her new phone arrived today — a OnePlus 2. Along with all the accessories — screen protector, cables, charger, wallet case. And a nano SIM from T-Mobile.

She has dial tone again.

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