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Design & budget meeting

30march2015.planning_budgetMeeting at Ranserve to review and revise construction plans and projected budget. Everyone left with homework to do. From left, Brett Grinkmeyer, architect; Mark Rehburg, president of Ranserve; Michelle Hastings, estimator and budget whip at Ranserve.

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Bluebonnet fields

bluebonnet1 bluebonnet2

It’s spring in Texas. Ten years ago we built a house. Then we planted a field of wildflowers. Here are some of the bluebonnets of March 2015.

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Exploratory surgery

Chris from Ranserve cuts a hole in the kitchen ceiling as we attempt to answer the question — how is Emerald Hill put together?

IMG_20150210_120345One answer — the ceiling beams are 2x10s.


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Tubular magic

Going back in time … We visited the Houston Museum of Fine Arts back in June 2014. Jacquela wanted to see the Soto exhibit. What a surprise! To walk into art. To be inside the art. Magic. Jadin and Jacquela immersed and disappeared, emerged, floating visible and invisible and ghostly,


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Jesús Rafael Soto’s signature Penetrables series is one of the great marvels of contemporary art. The Houston Penetrable—the Venezuelan artist’s final, and most ambitious work—is the only one Soto (1923–2005) designed as permanent or semipermanent, and one of the few he created as an indoor piece.
A vast, floating sea of plastic strands suspended from the ceiling, the Houston Penetrable is completed only by the viewer’s participation. Intended to be touched, handled, and waded through, the strands compose a floating yellow orb on a transparent background. The 24,000 PVC (polyvinyl chloride) tubes, individually hand-painted and tied, hang two stories high from the ceiling to the floor in the Museum’s Cullinan Hall.
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