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Going for green

Ranserve reports that Emerald Hill should qualify for, at minimum, 3 Stars from the Austin Energy Green Building Program.


This apparently requires a dedicated dumpster, with additional recycling requirements. At minimum.

Ranserve is asking Steven to administer the process. OK. The greater goal is a better operating house, more efficient to operate, better planned and built. Who can argue with that?

We did this when building Pleasant Panorama. The first house built by John Hagy that qualified for the AEGB program — 3 Stars. So … we’ve traveled this road before. Doesn’t make us experts, doing this only once before.

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ShiLin Night Market

Hit Wikipedia for an explanation of what a Taiwan Night Market is. Think thousands of people shopping, eating, walking, meeting, talking, haggling, buying, selfie sticks everywhere, foods you have never seen before in your life, unbelievably hot and humid and sticky, olofactory surprises, sensory overstimulation …

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Tour 7 part 2

Tour 7 at Chiufen Village.

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Tour 7 part 1

Taking time off from remodeling the house to pay for the remodel, brother Dave and I traveled to Taipei, with enough time before work to hop on Tour 7, Chiufen Village & Northeast Coast Tour, from Edison Travel Service.

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DSC_9027Supervised by Avery Watson at Independence Title, Mark Rehberg, president of Ranserve, right, arm in sling, and Jacquela, left, sign the AIA remodeling contract. Steven is at the back taking this photo.

Ahead of this, we spent a couple of days working with the lawyers — Rose Cohen for Ranserve and David Sewell for the Leons — tweaking the contract, right up to the signing, with Mark and I working through last-second fixes by sending pdf files and text messages back and forth to his office, to David, with phone calls, and to the Independence Title printer.

Deep breath. It’s done. Now we put hammer to nail.

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In the backyard at Emerald Hill

Stopped at Emerald Hill this morning to check for storm damage. None. Cool.

Mom and her fawn have occupied the back yard.


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Contract. Almost.

Received draft of construction contract from Ranserve. Reviewing with lawyer. There’s a dumpster coming soon. And a remodeled house to move into at the end of this adventure.

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