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One giant leap

Jadin’s braces are off. Photos are NOT permitted.

And it’s 48 years since this took place:

(FILE PHOTO) An Apollo 11 astronaut’s footprint in the lunar soil, photographed by a 70 mm lunar surface camera during the Apollo 11 lunar surface extravehicular activity. Neil Armstrong stepped into history July 20, 1969 by leaving the first human footprint on the surface of the moon. (Photo by NASA/Newsmakers)
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The pantry shelves project

Steven tackled the pantry shelves project.

Two sheets of 3/4-inch plywood from Home Depot, transported in the back of Andy’s truck. Andy lives next door.

16 heavy-duty shelf brackets ordered online from Woodworker Express.

Screws, drill and bits, Danish oil, stud sensor, level.

With help from Jacquela cutting the plywood at the table saw.

Six days, including 72 hours waiting for the Danish oil to dry sufficiently.


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All dressed up

Jacquela, Jadin and Steven traveled to Los Angeles for the wedding of Jacquela’s cousin Karen. One of the guests borrowed Steven’s camera to shoot photos of the Leons. Google offered up an animation.

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Out with the old dryer, in with the new

The dryer died while Steven was biking in Washington, DC. Somewhere around 15 years old. Served well in at two houses. But after at least two major repairs, the smart decision is to get a new one.

Jacquela got a killer deal on a model that Samsung discontinued — a model that just happened to be the mate for our Samsung washer. 

Lowe’s took away the old Kenmore Elite and installed the new Samsung.

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Fawning season

Adobe stopped cold outside the kitchen side door. Normally, she pulls hard to get to the mulch bed for her morning ablutions. She lowered her head. Steven followed the line from Adobe’s nose. Tucked behind the hose reel box was a new fawn.

We live in deer country. There’s the morning commute, when the herd walks the streets grousing for breakfast. And the evening commute, looking for dinner. The herd sometimes runs through for lunch.

Apparently, the doe considers you a safe place to park her fawn if she leaves the fawn by itself at your house.

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