And off she goes to 10th grade

Technically, Jadin started 10th grade yesterday. But … it was pouring. Steven drove her to school. Today, she walked.

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Graduating to the dog station at the end of the cabinets

We designed one run of cabinets in the kitchen to end with a shelf for the dog bowls. This was intended for Reboot. She never got to use it.

Adobe is now 25 pounds and tall enough to reach. The water and food bowls come up off the floor. She took to it instantly.

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Sea Eagle is sold.

Built from dirt up by John Hagy. Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. Reboot’s dog house. 11 years of memories, growing up with Jadin. It treated us well.

Sold by Joe Longton.

Photos courtesy Joe Longton.
Photos courtesy Joe Longton.


032_Sunset View043_Aerial Front

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Training for the Tour de Cure to help find a cure for diabetes

ride.6aug2016.44milesJacquela is a Type 1 diabetic, dependent on insulin that is delivered by a pump. Today, Steven peddled 44 miles, a new personal record, training to ride 48 miles in the Tour de Cure in September.

Steven rides for Jacquela with Team Schwab Austin, where she works. Jim, Jason and the evening riders have guided him up from 25-mile runs in just four months.

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