UPDATE: 16 May 2016. The re-fi is done. Funded.

Wells Fargo approved all the paperwork late last week after nearly two months of submittals; the online loan tracker is clearly a work in progress.

Today, Jacquela and Steven went to close at the title company, refinancing the loan we used to purchase Emerald Hill. At a lower interest rate. Interest + principal, not just interest. Yet a slightly smaller monthly payment.

Now we wait 72 hours for the “right to cancel” to expire.

This brings us full circle; more than two decades ago, Wells Fargo approved the loan used to purchase our first home in Culver City, CA.

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Post card arrived in today’s mail. The future looms again for Jacquela and Steven.

Post card offers driver’s ed to Jadin.

It’s a little early. She’s only 14.x. But …

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