Week ending 15 Nov. 2015

Above — Saturday afternoon. A surprise. The concrete team is filling sandbags to form up the beams of the garage foundation, and base rock is delivered in two piles in the driveway.

Ron Dahlke from Ranserve files this week’s summary.

This week:

  • Continued on interior trim
  • Reset drains for cabinets
  • Started sheetrock repairs
  • Cut in perimeter beam on new garage
  • Ordered window for garage
  • Set temporary power pole and scheduled for transfer
  • Placed hardware order
  • Placed glass door order for bathrooms
  • Scheduled welder for his install mid December.

Next week:

  • Finish Interior trim
  • Tile setter to return for misc repairs
  • Start interior paint prep on trim and doors
  • Set countertops
  • Delivery of remaining plumbing fixtures
  • Set compacted fill for new garage
  • Install rebar for slab
  • Call in for inspections on slab
  • Order framing pack
  • Dale with Landers Flooring has moved his install to the week starting Nov 30.
  • We will proceed with interior paint and misc items until the floors start.
  • Let’s finalize the backsplash tile next week
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The prelude to WWIII and the second American Civil War continues

Paris. Sharm el Shaikh. Ukraine. That “nuclear” deal with Iran. Knife attacks. Nail bombs. Suicide bombers. The World Trade Towers. The Supreme Court takes up the Texas abortion law under which religious thugs tell women they have no rights to their fallopian tubes. Religious bigots running for president of the red states. A self-funded blowhard running for president to build a “huge” wall and deport 12 million people. A former doctor who may or may not have tried to stab “Bob” or a relative is running for president.  A lesbian couple with two kids is told by a Utah judge they can’t adopt a baby.

What a piece of work is Man …


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