At week’s end, cleaned up

Above, Cris from Ranserve finished hanging plywood on the walls of what will be the library/dining room — both side walls. Drywall will cover the plywood. Steven will use the plywood backing behind the drywall to support bookshelves.

Look how clean this room is — swept, with no building supplies and brick rubble laid out on the floor!

Kevin Rehberg, apprentice builder, son of Mark, the president of Ranserve, the builder at Emerald Hill — Kevin cleaned up the house after an intense week with framers, plumbers, electricians, HVAC and other teams working in the house, quality-control inspections, and multiple deliveries. The house looks superb. The floors are swept. Lumber is piled neatly. Shattered brick is shoveled out to the boneyard. All the HVAC peel-and-stick trash is gone. This attention to detail should not go unremarked, unrecognized.

Cris nailed up additional plywood backing at what will be the TV wall in the family room -- to support cabinets, shelves and a TV mounted on the wall.
Cris nailed up additional plywood backing at what will be the TV wall in the family room — to support cabinets, shelves and a TV mounted on the wall.
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Notes, 31 July 2015

  • Appliances. The selections are finalized with Kristin at Harway:
    • Wolf 36-inch induction cooktop, C1365C/B, black surface.
    • Bosch Benchmark 30-inch convection oven, side swing door, left hinge, stainless steel, HBLP451LUC.
    • Bosch 800 Series 30-inch speed microwave oven, stainless steel, HMC8015UC.
    • Bosch 500 Series storage drawer, stainless steel, HSD5051UC.
    • Bosch DLX 800 Series bar-handle dishwasher, 44 db, third rack, stainless steel, SHX68TL5UC.
    • Zephyr Brisas 36-inch flat glass chimney wall hood, 600 cfm, BFG-E36AG.
  • Draw 2. Brett Grinkmeyer, architect, signed off on the work done to date. Steven countersigned and submitted paperwork to Larry at South Star Bank for payment of draw 2 to Ranserve via wire transfer.
  • Framing and rough-in plumbing. Almost complete.
  • Flooring. Jacquela and Steven are scheduled to meet Monday to explore flooring options, now that two flooring experts recommend against trying to refinish existing oak floors. This is going to hurt the budget.
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Week ending 31 July 2015

Mark Rehberg, president of Ranserve, files this week’s report:

This week:

  • Continued framing, window and siding installation
  • Continued rough plumbing and rough HVAC
  • Quality control inspection of HVAC to address Steven’s concerns regarding the flex duct routing; thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.
  • Site meeting with Brett Grinkmeyer, architect

Next week:

  • Electrical rough in
  • Discuss and determine  flooring options/selections
  • Third party inspections
  • Masonry patching around windows
  • We are scheduled for the framing and rough-in inspection by the City inspector for 8/7/15

We made good progress and addressed multiple issues this week.  This project has had a good pace and we appreciate your active participation.

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