American Museum of Natural History, Central Park

We’re in NY for the wedding of Justin and Amy. We took this day at request of Jadin to visit the American Museum of Natural History in NYC. I can’t remember the last time Jadin actually asked to visit a museum. And this is Steven’s favorite museum on the planet, visited many times as a kid with his brothers and mom.

And, cousins Samantha and JB asked to join us.

So a special request becomes a special day.

Jacquela on the Bow Bridge in Central Park.
Jacquela on the Bow Bridge in Central Park.
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Week ending 10 July 2015

This week’s report filed by Mark Rehberg, president of Ranserve.

This week:

  • Pick up No. 2 by Habitat
  • Site visit from Ben Feldt to discuss progress, bolt spacing and need for a new beam in foyer location.
  • Lined up demo and concrete pour in the front, scheduled to start Thursday 7/16/15.
  • Framed window openings on the second floor.

Next week:

  • Initial inspection by Miki Cook with Austin Energy Green Building.
  • Continue framing
  • Demo/concrete pour at front entrance
  • Finalize BMC door and trim package
  • Walk through with plumber and HVAC to review/discuss layout
  • Start rough in of HVAC system
  • Pick up No. 3 by Habitat
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